Zoom Sessions

Zoom sessions are a great way to connect with other singers from the comfort of your own home, especially those who are not attending live sessions.


It is also a good place to learn new songs and this will become more useful as the weather turns colder and we might not want to spend ages at outdoor sessions waiting for parts to be learned.

Anyone can attend any zoom sessions and I invite you to request songs, both those that we know well that you'd just like us to sing though together and those that need some work.

All live sessions will now also be zoomed. These are marked LIVE. If a live session has to be cancelled due to adverse weather the zoom session will still run.

                                                                             Zoom link   Passcode

Come & Sing - EVERY Monday at 10.30am

Sing Out Your Song! - EVERY Thursday at 7.30pm



Taize LIVE - Fridays 30 Oct & 6 Nov at 10.30am


Sacred Song LIVE - Saturdays 14 Nov & 12 Dec at 2pm


Sing Out Your Song! LIVE - EVERY Sunday at 10.30 am

NB Session on 25 Oct should have a good zoom connection


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