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The Therapeutic Process

What To Expect

I offer individual sessions primarily using the Person-Centered Approach to support your personal exploration. I am also trained in Movement Medicine, a practice of mindfulness-in-motion, which skills I may also use in our sessions. The work is a collaboration between us, to deepen your self-awareness and explore different ways of being, to improve your sense of well-being.


I seek to provide a safe and welcoming space in which you can explore and make sense of, current and past situations and events. My role is to be a present, non-judgemental companion in this process. I see you as the expert on your own life and my job is to support you to find the best way forward for yourself. I offer my professional skills in service of this, but I am not here to offer advice, answers or direction.


As well as talking about any aspects of your life you wish to, I will encourage you to become aware of your body, your emotions and your thoughts, in the present moment. This may include, but is not limited to, visual images and memories or physical and emotional sensations, some of which may not ‘make sense’ to the logical mind. This is to support you to a greater sense of knowing yourself, and your patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour, and at no time are you obliged to reveal anything you’re not ready to. However I will encourage you to use our time to practise sharing your inner world, with a spirit of curiosity, fascination and tenderness. The content and direction of each session will be determined by what arises for you and what you feel ready to express. I seek to create an atmosphere of permission and compassion, in which to explore this without judgement or criticism.


When the time comes, I would strongly encourage you to discuss ending our working relationship in advance, as this can be a valuable part of the process. Endings and loss are a significant part of the human experience and it can be very useful to pay attention to this part of the process.

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