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Fridays 10.30-12 at Chester Cathedral in the South Transept
New members welcome! Just come along or contact me for further details.

A weekly opportunity to sing these rich contemplative chants in Chester Cathedral, one of Chester's most stunning places of worship.


Taize is an ecumenical Christian community in France that was founded after the second World War with a desire to bridge differences between various Christian denominations, in a mission to facilitate peace. They have developed a style of worship that centres on contemplative singing, sung in 4-part harmony using short phrases from scripture.

I run sessions in the South Transept at Chester Cathedral on most Fridays 10.30-12.


Participants are invited to make a donation of up to £10 if they have the means. If you are keen to come and sing, please do not let financial circumstances prevent you from attending.

Sessions in the Cathedral are run with COVID-19 safe practices in place.

Please contact me for details of zoom.

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