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MM is a conscious embodied dance practice, essentially a mindfullness meditation in motion. The basic practice of Awakening The Dancer is a journey through the body, giving our loving attention to the physical sensations and emotions that we encounter, and from there finding expression in movement. We also regularly work with the concepts of yin and yang, finding the balance between receiving nourishment and support, and finding our direction and taking action, and the elements, connecting with the aspects of earth, water, fire and air within and around us.

What I love about Movement Medicine is the simplicity of a practice that encompasses care and healing for ourselves and our relationships with loved ones, our communities and the wider web of life. In the dance we can work simultaneously on all these levels.

MM is a unique blend of wisdom from conscious dance, gestalt psychotherapy, environmentalism, ancient indigenous traditions and modern scientific research. It is the result of more than 25 years exploration by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling-Kahn, into what truly brings healing and nourishment to ourselves, our relationships with those we love, within and between communities and the whole web of life. It owes much to the pioneering work of Gabrielle Roth, who developed and taught 5 Rhythms for more than 40 years and to whom Ya’Acov and Susannah were Apprenticed for 18 years.

I started dancing 5 Rhythms in 1995 and have worked with Ya'Acov since 2005, and with Susannah since 2008. After commencing an intensive programme of training with them both at the School of Movement Medicine in 2010, I graduated as a Movement Medicine Teacher in February 2019. I am not currently teaching any classes or workshops.

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