Singing During Lockdown and beyond

During the current COVID-19 situation I have had various projects on the go;


for 100 days I did a video each day teaching a short song. These are available on YouTube at raucousangel.


I am running zoom sessions twice a week, on Mondays 10.30-11.30am and Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm.

I am running outdoor sessions in line with government advice

All are offered freely in the recognition that many people's income has changed enormously. And in return I ask that if you can send me a contribution towards my living costs, you do so with as much generosity as you are able to. I am happy to receive cash and cheques and money via bank transfers and PayPal.

Please contact me for details at

Anyone wishing to attend outdoor sessions must book and must read and agree to the following guidelines, compiled collaboratively with members of my singing group.

Community Behaviour Agreement
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Singing Groups with Ella Speirs

We are all intelligent adults and must each keep ourselves informed and make our own assessments of personal risk around COVID issues. However I also clearly hold professional responsibility to ensure that the activities I host are as safe as is possible within my power.  The Government guidance asks us all to take shared responsibility for group behaviour around COVID health and safety risks.

To this end I ask everyone;-

*To not attend if you have any symptoms

*To notify me as soon as you notice any symptoms so that I can notify others who may have attended events alongside you

To regularly wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds (2 rounds of Famba Naye or Jubilate ~Deo!) particularly, if practical, just before a session

I will always have hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes available. Please feel free to use these at any time.

To step away from others and cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze

When we are together as a group to practice social distancing at all times (current recommendations 2 meters for singing, 1 meter for socialising) and to respect that some people may choose to stay further away. Ella will be 3 meters away when facing singers to teach.

As much as possible to all face the same direction when singing.

To bring your own songwords and music if you need it either in paper form or on your phone. If I am giving out paperwork to anyone who isn’t able to print their own I will do so in a wipeable plastic cover.

To be aware that seating etc at outdoor venues is not sanitised by me and therefore you touch any such surfaces at your own risk.

To bring any cushions/blankets/extra clothing you need to be comfortable.

To bring with you any refreshments that you might need and not to share these.

*To make any payments by bank transfer/paypal where possible

To know that your participation in sessions is always optional and you are free to leave at any point. You are also welcome to make requests from the group that make it easier for you to participate eg if everyone can give you a greater amount of space

To be respectful of other group member’s decisions around how they react to the situation

The MOST important element in taking care of each other is to stay away from group activities if you have any symptoms OR if you have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms.

I keep note of everyone who has attended face to face sessions. If you develop symptoms at any point within two weeks of attending a session you MUST inform me so that I can let other group members know. This can be done anonymously.

Please know that at all times I am seeking a fair balance between the benefits of singing to our mental and physical health, and the risk of contagion.

To remember that we are all doing our best with the information we have at any given time.

It is also important at whatever venue we use to be aware and vigilant of other members of the public and maintain throughways for them to pass at a safe distance.

*Further to this, I will keep a record of everyone who attends events and their contact details. If I learn that anyone attending any event has experienced symptoms I shall notify everyone who has been at events alongside them in the previous 2 weeks.

If you have particular concerns that you would like to discuss with me, please contact me.

Ella Speirs    18 August 2020, updated 27 August (added lines marked *)

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