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Singing During Lockdown and Beyond

All of my regular groups and events were paused mid February 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Since then;


-for 100 days in Spring 2020 I did a video each day teaching a short song. These are available on YouTube at raucousangel.


-I ran regular zoom sessions, and these continue on Monday mornings.

-I also ran regular live outdoor sessions in line with government advice. These continue on Sunday mornings.

-In autumn 2021 I started moving some sessions back indoors. Others remain outdoors or on zoom, so singers have a range of options to suit their current level of comfort.

-Regular singers are supported by having access to practice tracks online. Please contact me if you wonder if this applies to you!

All are offered freely in the recognition that many people's income has changed enormously. And in return I ask that, if you can send me a contribution towards my living costs, you do so with as much generosity as you are able to. I am happy to receive cash and cheques and money via bank transfers and PayPal.

In Autumn 2021 my a capella Chester groups combined to form Heart and Soul Community Singers. You can find out more by heading to our website at

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