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Current sessions are running outdoors on the following days;

Thursdays 7.30pm General session

Fridays 10.30am Taize (prior booking required as limited spaces)

2nd Saturdays 2pm Sacred Song

4th Saturdays 2pm Earth Singers

Sundays 10.30am General session

Mondays 10.30am remains on zoom only

Any singer is welcome to come along to any of these sessions on a one-off or regular basis. Please contact me for venues, which are weather dependent and therefore can change at short notice.

I am also very happy to welcome new members so if you know of anyone who has been wanting to try out a choir, put them in touch!

15 August 2021

From 19 July we are permitted to sing where we like, as we like! However, this ruling does not reflect a sudden change in COVID circumstances so I am continuing to be cautious and remain outside for the time being, whilst monitoring the situation and considering a staged return to indoor singing.


It is no longer a legal requirement to have a risk assessed set of guidelines in place BUT I would still ask that people bear in mind our Community Behaviour Agreement and continue to be mindful of the COVID safe practices that have kept us all safe for the past year or so of live singing.

17 May 2021


We are now permitted to sing outdoors in large groups in England; in Wales we are limited to 30. My Friday Taize sessions, Saturdays and Sundays are now all live. To stay updated with the latest venues etc contact me to be added to one of the messaging lists on WhatsApp, Signal, Messenger or Email.

I have also added a new regular monthly session, Singing For The Earth, which will be on the 4th Saturday each month at 2pm.

If you are hoping to join a live session for the first time, please read the Community Behaviour Agreement in the Live Sessions section here.

Sun 4 April 2021

Just a brief update on the return to singing face to face.

As things stand at the moment in England we are currently able to meet in sixes and if all goes to (the Government’s) plan we will be able to resume singing in groups of up to 30 from 17 May.

For the time being I will be continuing outdoors whilst monitoring the general COVID situation with a view to returning to indoor sessions later this year if things continue to improve and it feels safe to do so.

For the foreseeable future I ask that we continue to abide by the risk assessed practices in the Community Behaviour Agreement that enabled to sing together safely throughout 2020. Anyone not familiar with this who wishes to participate, please contact me!

I do not yet have a date to resume in Wales but will be in touch again as soon as I know about that.

To this end, please do let me know if you would like to join a six to sing in the next few weeks. I am rotating people as fairly as I can and I ask that you bear with me if there is any sense of disparity. I am doing my best with what is a rather complicated jigsaw to make sure all relevant needs are met as well as everyone getting a turn. Currently there are opportunities on Sunday and Monday mornings for general sessions and Friday mornings for Taize.

Happy Easter to you all. Let’s hope this is truly a point where new life begins.


Sun 31 Jan 2021

Due to various security considerations, I feel it is safe enough now to run all zoom sessions on one code. This should, once we're in the swing of it, make that part of the zoom experience MUCH smoother. Hurrah! So the same code will work for Monday mornings, Thursday evenings, Friday morning Taize, Saturday Sacred Song sessions and Sunday morning singalongs. It will work when I'm teaching from home AND when I'm live streaming from outdoors. Just one code for EVERY singing sessions with me. Phew! See the 'Zoom Sessions' page for a direct link. The codes and link has been shared on all social media platforms but if you can't find it do get in touch.


Sun 3 Jan 2021

Well we are back into lockdown conditions as far as singing is concerned so no outdoor sessions for the time being with everything running on zoom. The Monday morning and Thursday evening zoom sessions will run for the forseeable future. Sessions on Friday and Sunday mornings and monthly Saturday afternoons will be on zoom for now if there is sufficient interest. All links are on the zoom sessions page.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the carol singing. We had tremendously positive feedback and gratitude and appreciation from everyone who heard us. As requested, I will leave the Carol singing page up throughout the year for anyone who fancies revising Christmas songs in June!

Sun 20 Dec

What a beautiful Sunday sing for solstice. Thank you to everyone who came along (7 out of 10 on bikes!) and joined us on zoom. And as ever we were aware of the wider circle of everyone else neither live singing or zooming this time. There WILL be a session next Sunday as usual.

CAROL SINGING: Tomorrow (Monday) is forecast to start wet but be dry by late afternoon, so carol singing in Hoole WILL go ahead as planned, meeting at 6.45pm. There is a car park at the junction of Pickering St and Walker St that is free after 6pm (before then its resident’s only). We will meet there. We’ve got a couple of choir member’s houses to sing outside of and lots of streets where hopefully people will hear us and be entertained. We’ve also been promised free chips if we sing outside the chip shop!!

Fri 18 Dec


Today's forecast is wet, wet, wet, so I am moving the Boughton carol singing to Saturday. As its a weekend I'm making it earlier, meet at 5.30 at Laundry Corner, the junction between Heath Lane and Becketts Lane.

There is not a lot of space to park in the immediate vicinity and residents would appreciate us not trying to take up spaces but I there is lots of parking at The Peacock pub on Christleton Rd at the top of Heath Lane as that is currently not opening. (And the walk down the road will warm you up!)

I do hope people can still make it! See you there

Mon 14 Dec

Tomorrow’s (Tuesday) carol singing session is going ahead in Hoole, meeting at 6.45pm. There should be ample parking on Canadian Avenue alongside Alexandra Park. We are meeting at the junction with Panton Rd. We have 4 singers living in the local area who’ve not been out singing since March and I’m sure others in the community will enjoy us too. I’m hoping there’ll be some nice Christmas lights to see too!

The next carol singing session is today at 2pm at Callin Court Residential Home on Greyfriars. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY AS WE ARE BEING LET THROUGH INTO THE GARDEN! I don't want to ask staff to keep going back to answer the door.

Greyfriars runs between Nun's Rd (alongside the racecourse) and Nicholas St. There is NO street parking and there is only a small car park so if you can find space at the racecourse (NOT free on Mondays!) or Crane St or Saddlery Way car parks that would save the spaces for people who need them due to mobility needs. I will ask where we can put bikes securely.

My original plan was to walk to nearby residential streets afterwards and sing there, but we can play it by ear on the day and see what we think. I suspect Callin Court would appreciate more than 3 songs, which is our usual for each stop!!

Sat 12 Dec


Sacred Song today will be in the arches at 2pm and also on zoom (link on Live Sessions page) All welcome!


Thu 10 Dec

Carol singing will go ahead as planned tomorrow (Friday) night. Meet by the playing fields on Dickson's Drive, Newton at 6.45pm. We will be singing outside the homes of several choir members and seeing some great Christmas lights at one of them. All welcome. Wrap up Warm! There is parking by and behind the shops just up from the playing field but there whould be some on street parking too.


Tues 8 Dec

Tonight's (Tuesday) carol singing session has been postponed until tomorrow due to wet weather.

The session at Broughton has been cancelled.

Wednesday night's session will be at Handbridge at 6pm. NB DIFFERENT TIME!! Meet same place, the junction of St George's Crescent and Meadow's Lane.


Fri 4 Dec


The carol singing session tonight (Fri 4 Dec) has been postposned and will now take place tomorrow (Sat 5 Dec) at the EARLIER time of 6pm.

The full details for carol singing now have their own dedicated page in the members area

Mon 30 Nov


Woohoo, it's official! We are allowed to resume singing, once again with our Risk Assessment/Community Behaviour Agreement and Contact Tracing in place.

I will be leading a session at Wepre Park on Tusday 1 Dec at 2pm. Meet in the car park.


Dates and locations for carol singing will be issued soon, along with links to words to print and sound files of the 3 harmony songs.

Tues 24 Nov

I am monitoring the government announcements but am tentatively hopeful that we will be able to resume outdoor sessions once lockdown ends.

My current plan is to go back to Sunday morning sessions at the arches, Taize on Friday mornings and a Sacred Song sessions venue TBC on Saturday 12 Dec.

In addition there will be carol singing in various suburban locations on the following dates TBC by the end of the week;

Wed 2 Dec; Fri 4 Dec; Sat 5 Dec; Tue 8 Dec; Fri 11 Dec; Tue 15 Dec; Fri 18 Dec; Mon 21 Dec & Tue 22 Dec

I have been made aware that Welsh rules continue to differ from those in England so will look at those more closely to ensure there are singing opportunties for singers residing in Wales

Fri 13 Nov

SACRED SONG will be going ahead on zoom tomorrow at 2pm

Singers in Wales are invited to sing with me at Wepre Park at 10.30am this Sunday 15 Nov. Please contact me if you hope to come.


Sat 7 Nov

I think I thought I might do a zoom session tomorrow (Sunday) in place of our live sessions but right now I am feeling like I could do with the day off. So the next zoom will be Monday morning. Apologies if this is disappointing news. xx

Fri 6 Nov 2020


Morning all! Taize! I feel like I've dithered a bit too long about whether to run this on zoom today or not, so to be fair i AM going ahead for today.

I appreciate this doesn't appeal to everyone but for some its a 'better than nothing' option.

I'll be using the same access codes and links as usual for the Friday morning sessions. All welcome to join us from 10.15 for a 10.30 start

Topic: Taize Singing LIVE with Ella Speirs

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting - click button to join or use codes below

Meeting ID: 851 0095 1324

Passcode: 258078

Live session Wednesday 4 November at 10.30am at the arches.

This session will also be on zoom using the Sunday link or connect here

Email sent Tuesday 3 Nov 2020

So with the new lockdown rules I am suspending my outdoor LIVE sessions until December. I feel I have reached my capacity for now for navigating the rules and it feels easiest to just accept a break. I also feel I want to support the intention of a temporary period of minimum contact in the hope that reduces the prevalence of COVID and allows us to have more freedom after the lockdown. We shall see!

Meanwhile I will be continuing on zoom on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings, which are open to all singers. You are welcome to join with the camera off if you need to be getting on with other things and have me on in the background. We could see this as an opportunity to learn some new songs so we have even more to sing when we meet again! If you would like an extra zoom session each week do let me know. Sunday morning anyone?

I am fully intending to lead LIVE sessions again in December, including some carol singing to bring some cheer to us all. Do let me know if you’re interested in this if you haven’t already done so.

Lastly, I will be leading a final hurrah tomorrow (Wednesday) morning for anyone who wishes to come, at the large arch between Saddlery Way and the Racecourse. There will be a mix of Taize and other songs. Do let me know, if you can, if you are hoping to come, but if you only know last minute its fine to come down anyway.

I am regularly tweaking and perfecting the website, especially the member’s area. This gives you access to over 200 song recordings and zoom links and updates on sessions. To join, click the little red person icon on the website and sign up. I will then authorise your membership and you’re in! Soon I will be adding a ‘latest news’ section so you can check there for up to date information about singing opportunities. The website is

I am aware that Wales is just emerging from lockdown and the rules do allow for grups to meet for live singing. I would be happy to meet with a group over the border (I am permitted to travel to Wales for work) if there is call for it. So do let me know if you live in Wales and would be interested. This would be outdoors.

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