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Person-Centered Counselling

Counselling can be defined as a deeply healing conversation on the subject of what really matters. In person-centred therapy we seek to address the question “how do I feel right now?” in each moment. It can be incredibly challenging as we gently face the reality of our inner life in an honest encounter with another person. There is no agenda other than this; no judgement, expectation or assumption.


I will seek to understand as closely as possible how particular issues feel to you and reflect this back in a way that allows you to explore your experience in a safe and accepting environment. As you tell and re-tell your stories, we shine a light on the places where energy is stuck and work to release blocked emotion.


You may come for counselling to address a specific issue or situation, past or present, that you realise is affecting you; or because you are feeling depressed or anxious; or have a more general sense of dis-ease in your life.


Sessions can be booked individually or in blocks. The first session is an opportunity to see how it works and get to know one another, at the end of which we will decide together how to proceed.

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